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A software development company in India offering specialized tailor made software. For the logistics and road transport industry. Having Offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

Transport Software Development India

We are an enterprise solution provider, offering exclusive and innovative software products, exclusively for transportation, logistics and supply-chain management industry and also offer IT consultancy services.

With years of experience in the domain, our logistics software takes care of every need of the road transport business. Our modules include truck management, fleet tracking, freight forwarding, online consignment tracking, e-shipping, warehousing and many more.
We are continuously expanding our product portfolio and enhancing our existing products to offer technologically advanced, end-to-end solutions and will continue to do so. The affordable price of our products will enable mid-sized forwarders, agents and transportation companies to gain optimum benefit from all the cutting edge technology available today.

Currently we have our support office in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata with plans to come up with strategic partnership with I.T firms all across India.

Understanding business process and human behavior is critical in developing sustaining and feasible Software. We develop Software / Web applications customized for your needs and enhance your productivity and revenue collection method. Our teams of professionals helps you to understand and use technology to your gain. Our Analysts will help you to find the right answer. Help you in conceptualization of the solution. Our software Experts will create and implement it for you. So come and "Touch The Technology".

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Global Tracker
(Complete Courier and logistics Solution)

Logistic Software India We provide full e-commerce solutions including website designing & development, order management, shopping cart, payment gateway and e-marketing. E-Commerce is taking off as one of the premier uses of the internet. Virtually every medium to large company in countries where the internet is popular have taken the opportunity to transfer their traditional businesses online.

Our courier and logistic software, known as GLOBAL TRACKER, is designed to give the technology edge to courier, transport and Logistics companies. It gives Transport Logistic Software Kolkata , Delhi
you the ability to receive orders electronically, leverage bar code scanning, electronic POD 's, inbuilt inventory module, optional financial management module. Designed
specifically for courier and logistic, GLOBAL TRACKER is one of the most widely used courier and logistics management software in India. The goods transport industry is one of the fastest growing business in India, so has grown the needs and demands of the customers. A software that makes optimum utilization of all the technology available today, is a absolute necessity for the Logistics industry in India .We have helped many courier, Logistic and surface transport companies all across India mostly in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai to expand their Business.
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"A Complete Solution For Logistics and Courier Companies"

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